The Problem -
How do I show a lot of complex data for directors within the Federal Reserve while making it as dead simple to consume?

The Fix -
Initially this was to be a desktop only application. After doing some preliminary user research with stakeholders and asking the simple question of "Does this director carry an iPad around?" with an answer of yes. I changed the score and focus on a mobile first solution for ease of user consumption and portability. This change in direction was met with skepticism initially but a "wait and see" approach was taken.

Upon the completion of the interactive demo created in a now defunct tool. A pitch was made to the director that would give the project a thumbs up or down. I was only tasked with coming up with the overall direction, user work-flow, interactions and visual design.

The pitch on an iPad was a hit and the project was given the green light.

Apollo KPI solution

The demo above showcases complex KPI data simplified with the ability for the user to drill down within those simple areas to gain greater insight. This is accomplished with off-screen panels there are quickly available based on user need. Patterns were established that would allow for faster development times as component blocks could be reused.

A presentation mode was also designed with the user being able to select elements to be show and those elements resizing to accommodate the tablet in portrait or landscape orientations.

KPI Dashboard for the Federal Reserve

Principal UX Architect & UI Designer
Tablet Dashboard