Case Study - The Conversion

Problem: How to convert a legacy platform solution to new modern user experiences and a modern ui that 's intuitive to trained users?

The ux and ui design concepts shown reflect the challenge of distilling down complex problem areas into their simplest components. This was done without any end-user research and with minimal internal feedback. The situation was further complicated that the existing tech stack and front-end were not developed at the time that would have allowed for easy front-end changes. There were large areas of the application that have to have been rewritten as the logic was "baked in".

In order to overcome some of the challenges posed I worked with the core development team to understand their limitations on working within the existing technology. I pushed in areas where possible and little or no rewriting was needed.

Concept sketches were first created, share with the product owners and the development team for buy -in. If there was buy-in then interactive wireframes were created in Axure while the visual design seen here were done in Photoshop CC.

Initial dashboard. Simple clean and effective

Faceted search with results shown in columns. What’s unique is that results are shown in relation to other content.

View of a single case within the platform. Each case contains it’s own dashboard with specific tools needed.

Platform administration dashboard. Simple and effective on what the user wants to accomplish.

Administration of users from off-screen side panel. Keeps the user in focus and context within admin dashboard.

Remove what’s not needed in the experience and the UI but make it available for users such as their personal profile.

Redesign of inbox for enterprise mobile application

Redesign of login screen for enterprise mobile application

Enterprise Platform UX and UI Design

I was asked to redesign a mobile application that was launched to a small group. The feedback was that it was cumbersome and difficult to navigate.

I redesigned the user workflow to focus on existing user behavior patterns on mobile devices while leveraging modern UI design.

Principal UX Architect/UI Designer
Desktop & Mobile