How do you modernize healthcare within the VA?

Example here is for two applications that would assist both healthcare professionals but also patients.

Health Care Providers -
The first application looks to reduce the complexity that a healthcare provider deals with on a daily basis. After completing user research a unique approach was taken to not show a dashboard with large amounts of data that needed to be sifted through. But, time. Time is an essential part of treating patients, and thus it effects the deliver of care. The addition of a timeline allowed for providers to see various events throughout the day, week and month with the simple gesture of a two finger pinch. This is a common behavior pattern well established within mobile devices. The provider could simply tap one of the bubbles within the timeline and be given the data corresponding to that event and time. This was design to show patients, administrative events and personal.
By selecting a patient. The provider based on role would be shown various EMR information, such as notes, meds, lab results and more. A provider could setup a patient care plan, next review appointments and more. While this application could be seen on a desktop. It was designed as a native mobile application, ideally for an iPad mini or other similar small tablet that would fit within a lab coat pocket.

Patients -
Once a healthcare plan was created it needed to be pushed to the patient and monitored by its creator. User research was done and in doing so users didn't want an application to "feel" like a health application, cold and clinical. They wanted to interact with an application that felt at home on their mobile with other applications and not standout for being vastly different. This was exciting news as it allowed for the creation of more compelling and delightful experiences and ui. The "My Care Plan" application was designed so that a user could see only one aspect of what they needed to at a time. Off-screen panels were leveraged greatly to reduce complexity while not reducing overall functionality.

VA Joint Legacy Viewer, converted this to what you see further.

Order entry for specific patient.

Healthcare provider mini tablet dashboard

Patient facing health care plan mobile app.

The breaking down and refinement of an idea.

User interaction design. Where to they go from here to there?

Mobile UX / UI – Healthcare

Redesign of a legacy system used by the VA and other agencies in dealing with patients.

The problems –
Overly complex for healthcare providers to navigate. There was no visual continuity as floating panels could change.
There was no flow to the users needs. A user would have to scan the entire ui for needed elements.

The Fix –
Do user research and see what was needed from a user standpoint.
Simplify the ui so that only what was needed was shown while other elements were easily available.
Create a work-flow for the user so that could easily navigate, scan and interact with the overall solution.

Principal UX Architect and UI Designer
Government, Healthcare and Mobile